Evolution applied to everyday life.

Do you ever think about how different you were 1 day ago, 1 month, 1 year ago? We are constantly in a state of change. Your personality is a result of, what you've eaten or drank, the temperature, people you interact with, every stimuli around affects our very being every second of every day. Its through this life experience that evolves us as human beings. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and naturally we become better, more efficient. Think about every skill you have ever learned in your life, you were never good at them initially but through many many iterations of doing the same task we eventually master what seemed to be impossible at first. This changing, learning, and ultimately growing is the theory of evolution at work in your everyday life.  

Home grown food is in our future.

Hurray! The first lab grown burger was just unveiled in London a couple of days ago and scientists at Cornell University are developing a 3D food printer. Now imagine someday in our future where you could with a push of a button print and share meals from all over the world. Foodies you can rejoice. At the comfort of your own home you would be able to try the best Tonkatsu ramen from the best ramen place in Japan. Dishes would be digitized, downloaded and printed at home. Similar to how painting and art evolved from physical mediums to the new photoshop/3D package digital age, so it seems like our food can and is going that direction as well.